Access to Information Request-Assault in the Arena

Brent Deck

16301 110 A AVE

Surrey, B.C. V4N 4Z7


February 20th, 2013


Michael Jeffrey
Access to Information and Privacy Coordinator
73 Leikin Drive
Ottawa, Ontario  K1A 0R2
Telephone: 613-843-6800
Facsimile: 613-825-8221

Dear Mr. Jeffrey:

Under the Access to Information Act, please provide me with:

 • A copy of all investigations of assault charges taking place in a community ice arena completed/closed by the RCMP registrar from Jan. 1, 2007 to Jan.1 2012 in which the accused were taken to court in British Columbia.

If there are privacy issues concerning some parts of the investigative reports, please withhold private information but not all documents.

If there are any fees for sending photocopies of the documents, please email them in PDF format. 

If you have any concerns regarding this request, or can advise me when the material is available to be released, please contact me at (604)-581-1353.



Brent Deck




My interest in assault charges taking place in community arenas stems from a recent story I saw on the news as well as my own personal experiences. Hockey is an emotional sport, especially in this country. I feel that sometimes adults tend to forget that it is just a game, and they can become quite aggressive not only to other parents and coaches, but to the children playing. It would not be unheard of for any coach or player to be involved in an altercation with a player or parent of an opposing team.  In fact, it is probably more common than many think. A strange phenomenon in our country perhaps, but I am interested to know how often these altercations actually turn violent. 



Lebron James, NBA Superstar is World’s Greatest Athlete


What makes a great athlete? Is it the amount of popularity achieved in a given career? Or is it the physical attributes, the individual and team accomplishments or is it the combination of all of these?

LeBron James was born in Akron, Ohio and raised by a single mother who battled through many personal problems throughout LeBron’s childhood.

As a child, it has been said that LeBron often rode his bicycle around suburban Akron looking for the best competition for a pickup game of basketball. LeBron grew to be the most highly sought after prospect in NBA history, and was featured on the cover of Sports Illustrated while still in high school. Directly out of high school, LeBron was drafted with the 1st pick in the 2003 NBA draft by his hometown Cleveland Cavaliers.

LeBron became a sports icon and quickly became an elite superstar in the NBA. He was nicknamed King James.

However, today LeBron is arguably the most hated athlete in the world. In the summer of 2010, while a free agent, LeBron made a controversial decision to “take his talents to south beach” and play for the Miami Heat. This crushed Cleveland fans as well as NBA fans across the globe, who were disgusted with his lack of loyalty to the club which he had failed to win a championship with. He is often described as a villain for his decision to leave Ohio by crazed sports fans.

What makes LeBron the world’s greatest athlete is not his popularity. King James’ athletic attributes are as if he was created in a comic book. Listed at 6 foot 8 inches and 250 pounds, LeBron is a physical specimen that the world has never seen before. But it is not just that he is an enormous human being, he is dominating the sport year after year thanks in large part to his combination of strength, speed, agility, hand-eye coordination, jumping ability,  and basketball intelligence.

LeBron could have been a great athlete in almost any sport that he had so chose to pursue. In fact he was an all-state wide receiver in his high-school football career. He had 61 catches for 1,245 yards and 16 touchdowns as a junior in high-school. He was also invited to the U.S. All-American bowl, which is a showcase football game for the best high-school players in the country.  Based on this evidence, it is reasonable to assume that LeBron could easily play in the NFL today.

With these physical attributes, LeBron has already compiled a long list of accomplishments in the NBA. His accomplishments include an NBA championship in 2012, three NBA regular season MVP’s, and two Olympic Gold medals.

King James is often criticized for being selfish and an ego centric personality. However, we have yet to see him fined for any inappropriate tweets or interviews unlike many of his peers. He has refined his game on the basketball court to draw in defenders and set up teammates for easy hoops. His assist totals and rebounding totals in combination with high point totals are what voters can’t ignore when electing individual awards.

You can hate on an athlete for leaving his home town, but as of January 29, 2013 there is no other athlete in the world who obtains physical attributes that can compare to those of LeBron James.

Photo By: Keith Allison

I chose to use “Lebron James, NBA Superstar is World’s Greatest Athlete ” as my title. I used the google trends tool to search words that were relevant to the blog argument idea I had volunteered to write. Lebron James is a famous athlete however he was not nearly as searched as the phrase NBA. Based on the regional data provided by google trends, Asian countries brought in the higher search amounts. In particular the Philippines had an extremely high rate of searches with the phrase NBA. The rest of my title was simply to give the reader an statement of my position.